Teri Polo Gallery

Teri Polo’s a real cutie, and she’s one blonde I’d like to see more of!  Luckily, there';s a sequel to Meet The Parents and Meet The Fockers coming up, called Little Fockers, so we’ll get to see more of this hottie!

Now Meet The Parents came out in 2000, and Meet The Fockers in 2004, and they are the biggest films that Teri Polo has starred in, although she has been acting long before that.  Now Teri was born in Dover, Delaware on June 1, 1969, to Jane and Vincent Polo.  She studied ballet for up to 12 years, and in fact was attending New York’s School of American Ballet at age 13.  Then after winning a modeling contest, she moved to New York City to pursue an acting career, like so many hot, young girls.

Luckily she was pretty successful at it, guesting in shows like The Practice, Felicity, Chicago Hope, Sports Night, Numb3rs and Frasier, as well as her primetime debut, TV 101.  She was also in the short-lived Fox series Brimstone, as well as a regulaer on the last season of Northern Exposure.  The West Wing is also another series where she appeared regularly, playing the Democratic presidential candidate’s wife.  She also appeared in a 2009 made-for-TV movie called Expecting A Miracle, which ranked as a number 1 cable movie of the week.

But of course, it’s her role as a Focker that really got our attention, as well as her February 2005 appearance in Playboy!  Check out the stuff we have here on Teri Polo Gallery if you don’t believe that…